The Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Kit

This program includes:

  • Flexible Facilitation: 7 modules with over 40 minutes of video and annotated facilitator reports. Choose from a one-day overview or in depth three-day guided facilitation.

  • Customizable content: Tailor content to adapt to a team’s unique needs.

  • Individual Profiles, participant handouts, take-away cards and activities.

  • Podcasts, online resources, and a research report.

  • Progress Reports and an Annotated Team Report for the Facilitator.

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Success stories:

Driving the Bottom Line with Teamwork

Read how Total Construction, navigated The Five Behaviors and achieved vulnerability-based trust, the foundation of all high-performing teams.

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From Turnover

Learn how one healthcare provider saved a leadership team from walking out the door.

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The Ripple Effect of Employee Engagement

See how King County discovered the solution to get aligned, empower their employees, and move teams toward collective success.

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Creating a training plan for you or your team is easy:

Customize a plan


Your goals may be different than others. Let's get specific on what you are looking for and tailor a plan that fits.

Execute the plan


I'll walk you through the steps we laid out to help inspire, motivate, and maximize the growth you desire.

Support continued growth


Results are the real test of success. Once the plan is executed I'll walk alongside you to ensure you continue to achieve the desired outcome.

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