6 Ways to Make Sure You're The Leader People Want to Follow

May 20, 2019

6 Ways to Make Sure You’re the Leader People Want to Follow


We’ve seen it time and time again, when an organization is struggling the first move is to fire the one in charge. It might be a new CEO or even the head coach of your favorite sports teams. All the responsibilities become the weight of the world on the shoulders of the one who is leading the team. It may appear unjust and unsatisfactory to many but still a ship sails against the tides only with the determination of a good captain.

The leader has the most responsibilities and thinnest survival conditions. Do you dread this condition and ever ponder upon the overall working capacity of the team? If yes, your days might be numbered in your current position! Either your team members will quit,or someone will target your position and take over as a replacement. Here are six ways to help you become the leader people want to follow.

Leave room for mistakes

Failure is a part of learning. A disappointment will bring more learning than any success. Therefore, it causes your employees/followers(including you) to make mistakes from time to time.

Instead of penalizing mistakes,always ask a question: what have you learned? Then, make sure this new learning is applied. Being lenient with mistakes will make your employees dare to try new things. 

"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.Conduct a personal assessment and ask yourself, "Would I follow me?" - Brian Tracy

Empower your team

If you have hired the right employees,then you know what they are capable of doing. That is, you trust in their skills and experience.

Let them know that you believe in them and encourage their input and feedback, therefore, boosting their self-esteem making them feel capable of achieving great things.

Compensate criticism with flattery

Sometimes things just don’t go as we've planned. In those times, as a leader, you have the responsibility to guide your employees back to the right path. Try to do it without tearing down their confidence in themselves.

There is a technique to give feedback known as "sandwich." It is, simply, to surround criticism with flattery. It goes like this:

Start with a positive comment.

Discuss the negative part, but always constructively.

End with another compliment.

Make the team feel part of the company

If you feel like a very small part of the major gear, chances are, you most likely will not put your best foot forward regarding being productive. Therefore, it is important that you explain to each team member how they fit into the organization and why their work is important to the success of the company.

We all like to feel part of something. Employment, although sometimes we think not, is much more than receiving a salary. It is a way to feel valuable.

Focus on personal development

As we said before, a job is not just about making money.  seek to receive much more from a company. They seek a figure and an inspiration who can help them:

Achieve their professional goals.

Learn, grow, and increase their experience.

Develop new skills.

Guidance and advice for professional and personal growth.

The more importance you give these aspects and the more time you invest in helping your employees, the happier they will be. Your support will make them feel motivated and committed to you and the company. They will return it in the form of hard work and new ideas.

Give credit to others

All team members are equally important to achieve a goal. Therefore, success or failure belongs to everyone. 

Recognize the work of each person. They will thank you and be more committed to the business.

Above all, to be a good leader you need to enhance your empathy. If you can connect with the people around you, it will be much easier to make them feel that you are the right leader to follow.

Leadership is not a position it is a choice! – Simon Sinek

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